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Doylestown Bike and Hike Trail


Doylestown Comunity Bike and Hike is a network of 16 miles of completed trails and sidepaths for use by bicyclists and pedestrians. Please select the"Maps" tab above for maps of trails.

History and Progress


The Doylestown Community Bike and Hike System is a joint effort to develop the proposed additional trails as grants and donations permit.


Doylestown Borough and Doylestown Township together, in 1992, formed a joint committee to study the concept of developing a multi-use path that would surround the Borough.

The committee began meeting in October of 1992. The first committee meetings tackled the overall concept of the initial plan as well as seeking fuinding. A mission statement on goals established as follows:

"To safely interconnect principle population centers, places of work, schools, commercial areas, historical and cultural sites, parks and recreation areas, mass transit and other intermodal connections in both Doylestown Township and Doylestown Borough".

One of the first products of the committee was a listing of community resources and neighborhoods that should be connected by safe pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Through bi-monthly meetings, the committee also walked and drove the entire area involved. This allowed the committee to address practical concerns influencing the path location such as noise, safety and aesthetics. It was a combination of this exercise and the goals established for connecting various community facilities and neighborhoods that influenced the final recommendation for the path location as generally shown on the following map.

Finally, and most importantly, education of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists was a continuing part of the Committee's discussions. While the provision of a path system in itself should improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, education is needed to prevent accidents that could occur on newly created paths. The public, adults as well as children, need instruction in skills, safety and courtesy to make the path system successful and attractive to use.

Since its founding, the committee has overseen the completion of several important segments of the path system. Kutz Elementary School has been linked to Doylestown Township Central Park and the Pebble Hill neighborhood. Doyle Elementary School, Lenape Middle School, Community Fields Park and Doylestown Hospital have been linked. Linden Elementary School was linked to Chapman Park and the Farm Office Complex path. Plans are also underway for a path along Pebble Hill Road and Green Street and along Shady Retreat Road. Lastly, to come full circle, we are working on a path along Route 202 linking Delaware Valley College with the Doylestown Train Station.




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